13 Unexpected Ways to Decorate With Plants

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One of the easiest ways to turn your house into a home is to add plants. Greenery brings beauty, character, texture, and good energy into every space. Even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, taking care of real flowers and plants brings a certain amount of meditation into your everyday routine as you take care of them and watch them thrive. We’re always looking for an excuse to paint a pot or DIY a planter, so here are beautiful ideas for how to bring more plants into your home.

1. Macrame Hangers

Brighten your space with some macrame planters like these ones. Hang near the window in the living room or by the kitchen window.

2. Pegboard Headboard


We adore unique headboards. And when you live in a small space, you’ll appreciate a headboard that not only holds bedtime essentials – a book and an alarm clock – but also a little potted plant.

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