How to Decorate With Large Indoor Plants in Every Home

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Consider Citrus Farm to Table

A large indoor plant can really help split an open layout into two spaces. In this case, the living room and dining room blend into one another while the more casual kitchen is somewhat separated by the citrus tree. Its bulbous shape also adds instant personality to the room, creating movement from floor to ceiling. When selecting the right tall tree for your home, opt for one that suits your signature style. This one is unique yet timeless and chic yet understated, just like the room it lives in.

Scale Up

To create the illusion of a large tree with a slightly smaller alternative (or one that’s still in the growth phase), make sure nothing else in the room surpasses its height. As you can see in this dining room, the lamp on the console table is just as tall as the plant. This metallic emerald lamp also does a stylish job of reflecting the natural beauty of the tree across the room. In a similar fashion, the indoor tree creates a juxtaposition of natural, earthy vibes, modern metallics, and luxe velvet and marble.

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