Top 10 Easiest Pets To Take Care Of – For Kids & Seniors

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2. Hedgehog

 Hedgehogs are animals with a back covered with sharp spines which essentially defend them from predators.

At first, it looks unbelievable to have an animal with sharp spines on their back, playing with your kids. But the truth is your kids will stay safe around hedgehogs. These animals are quite shy and nervous in nature. They are not aggressive. They don’t attack their companion, they just use their spines for defense.

Hedgehog is fun to watch. Hedgehog can be suitable for the kids after age 12 or more. They are prickly. When Hedgehog is threatened he will curl up making a ball. It’s not easy to unfurl hedgehog’s spines after it’s curled up. It will take your time and patience.

Required Maintenance

  • Regular cage cleaning
  • Availability of fresh water and food

Lifespan: 3 to 8 years

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