Top 100 Unique Female Dog Names To Call Your Cool Pet

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Cartoon Inspired Names For Female Dogs 

Right from our childhood, we all have watched and enjoyed many cartoon characters. In fact, some characters are still living with us passing through the decades and generations. Tom and Jerry, Poppye the sailor man, Micky mouse, Donald Duck, this list actually grows. Here is list of cartoon characters that are popular ad yet under used in naming the pet animals. Check it out.

Xena –  Featured in the movie, “Xena the warrior princess“. If the girl you wish to name is known for hospitality with strangers, you can start calling her Xena

Dora – Remember the Spanish girl Dora, the explorer? This name will perfectly suit the breed that is fluffy and cute like Dora

Tweety – If she is bright, charming and pretty

Dee-Dee – If she is small and well mannered

Rio – It’s for a dog which cares her family and behaves suspicious to strangers. You can give this name to the girl dog with brown eyes as well

Doobie – For a companion dog. It’s the middle name of Scoobie Doo

Lady – Because she deserves to be treated with a high social status

Kira – If she kills you with lots of love and affection

Minnie – If you love her as much as Micky

Winnie – If winnnie the poo is your favorite

Tinker Bell – If she is sweet, beautiful and always collect something like Tinker Bell

Fay – If she is an angel in your eyes

Babrbie – For a cute and sweet doll like dog

Scout – For a dog that behaves like a brave little tomboy. One of the main characters in the novel, “To kill a mocking bird

ZigZag  For a pup that never walks in a straight line

Firefly – If she lights up your life

Gecko – For a dog that bails you out from any tough situation

Buster – If she is well known for breaking something or the other. She will seem happy and energetic in the most cases

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